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Venue Introduction Of 2018 Fifa World Cup Football

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Four years have been passed in the blink of an eye. With the floatation of time, the World Cup football is knocking at our door again. The biggest competition of football is going to start in Russia in this year. The 21st World Cup football will be played in total 12 different venues. A total of 32 countries will play against each other dividing into 8 different groups and each group contains 4 teams.  As a huge fan of football, you are thinking about the craze of upcoming World Cup football like others. You might have lots of questions popping up in your head regarding how all the venues would be looking like, how much audience each venue could occupy, and where each venue is located etc. We are going to introduce you to all the venues in Russia World Cup to satisfy all your curiosities. Let us have a look at the venues of 21st World Cup football.


This stadium was opened for playing football in the year of 1956. It is the oldest football stadium of Russia situated in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. This mind-blowing stadium has been designed with such artistry that the outside views of the stadium look like a soccer. Approximately 80,000 viewers can enjoy any match here. There will be played 7 matches in total including the inaugural game and the final match in this stadium. Russia will play against Saudi Arabia on 14th June, Germany against Mexico on 17th June, Portugal against Morocco on 20th June, Denmark against France on 26th June. The pre-quarter-final will be held on 1st July, the semi-final on 11th July and the final match on 15th July in this stadium.


This stadium was built in Saint Petersburg city in Russia for 2018 World Cup football. The stadium was inaugurated formally in 2017 for playing. From the outside of the stadium, it looks like an anchoring ship. The capability of this stadium is 67,000 visitors. A total of 7 matches including a semi-final match will be played in this stadium. On 15th June Morocco will play against Iran, on 19th June Russia against Egypt, on 22nd June Brazil against Costa Rica, on 26th June Nigeria against Argentina. On 3rd July pre-quarter-final, on 10th July semi-final, and on 14th July the third place qualifying match will be played here.


This stadium is placed in Sochi city in Russia. The architectural construction of this stadium will blow the mind of anyone. In 2013, the stadium was inaugurated for playing. The capability of this stadium is 48,000. A sum of 6 matches together with a quarter-final match will be held in this stadium. Portugal will play against Spain on 15th June, Belgium against Panama on 18th June, Germany against Sweden on 23rd June, Australia against Peru 26th June. The pre-quarter-final on 30th June and the quarter-final match on 7th July will be played in this stadium. 


The stadium is being built for FIFA World Cup football and will be inaugurated quickly after the completing. International match will be started here by playing the upcoming World Cup football. The stadium looks like a giant silver plate from the outside. Instead of bending inwardly the gallery of this stadium was tilted outwardly in such a way that it looks like a crumpling plate from the outside. There will be a total of 4 matches in this stadium. The capacity of this stadium is 45,000. On 15th June Egypt will play against Uruguay, on 21st June France against Peru, on 24th June Japan against Senegal, and on 27th June Mexico against Sweden in this stadium.


This stadium is located in Kazan city Russia was inaugurated in 2013. It was originally built to serve the purpose of World cup football. It can capture total viewers of 45,000. It is located far outside from the locality. There will be a whole of 6 games including a quarterfinal in this stadium. France will compete against Australia on 16th June, Iran against Spain on 20th June, Poland against Columbia on 24th June, Korea against Germany on 27th June and there will be a pre-quarter-final on 30th July and the quarter-final on 6th July here.


The stadium is located grossly by the residence of the Nizhny city. A beautiful sky view of this stadium will amaze you. You can even count the glittering stars of the sky while viewing the football match. The outer part of the stadium is just awesome. The stadium will start its journey towards international football match by this World Cup football. A full amount of 45,000 viewers can enjoy matches in this stadium. There will be played 6 matches in total including quarter-final matches. Sweden will play against Korea on 18th June, Argentina against Croatia on 21st June, England against Panama on 24th June, Switzerland against Costa Rica on 27th June. And on 1st July the pre-quarter match and on 6th July the quarter-final match will be held in this stadium. 


This stadium is situated by the lake with a charming natural beauty. Anyone will be amazed by the wonderful scenery of the surrounding. The architectural structure often beats the surrounding beauty of the stadium. International matches will start resume here by playing the World Cup matches though it was built in 2017. There will be a total of 5 matches in this stadium. On 17th June Brazil will play against Switzerland, on 20th June Uruguay against Saudi Arabia, on 23rd June Korea against Mexico, on 26th June Iceland against Croatia. And a pre-quarter-final match will be played on 2nd July in this stadium.


This stadium has been built new for the purpose of World Cup football. This stadium is a bit different from the others. The usual shape of a football stadium is tetragonal but it is totally circular in shape. The iron made rooftop of the stadium has increased the beauty of the stadium. The capacity of this stadium is 45,000. There will be 6 matches totally including a quarter-final match in this stadium. On 17th June Costa Rica will play against Serbia, on 21st June Denmark against Australia, on 25th June Uruguay against Russia, on 28th June Senegal against Columbia. On 2nd July pre-quarter match, and on 7th July quarter-final match will be resumed in this stadium.


This is totally a newly built stadium, will start its journey by playing the World Cup football. Everything has been changed around the stadium for the sake of increasing beauty of the surrounding. Expensive marble stone has been placed on the road. The ability to accommodate viewers of this stadium is 45,000. There will be 4 group matches in this stadium. On 16th June Peru will play against Denmark, on 19th June Columbia against Japan, on 25th June Iran against Portugal, on 28th June Panama against Tunisia in this stadium.


This recently built stadium is surrounded by the flow of water on either side of it. It is situated far from the locality. The architectural outline of the stadium is like the crown of the ancient monarchs. The wall of the stadium gets reflected on nearby water which has increased the beauty of the lake as well as the stadium. The capacity of this stadium situated in Volgograd is 45,000. There will be played only 4 matches in this stadium. On 18th June Tunisia will play against England, on 22nd June Nigeria against Iceland, on 25th June Saudi Arabia against Egypt, on 28th June Japan against Poland in this stadium.


This is the second stadium in Moscow, the capital city of Russia. As like as historical Luzhniki stadium, another new stadium was built in this city. It has been opened for all from 2014. Moscow is the only city containing two different venues for the World Cup football. The visitor capacity of this stadium is 42,000. The entrance to the stadium is very large and wonderful to look at. There will be 5 matches in this stadium. On 16th June Argentina will play against Iceland, on 19th June Poland against Senegal, on 23rd June Belgium against Tunisia, on 26th June Serbia against Brazil. And on 3rd July there will be pre-quarter-final match in this stadium.


This well decorated and the well-arranged stadium has been built in Leningrad for the World Cup. It has the lowest capability of accommodating viewers among all the venues. A total of 35,212 viewers can enjoy a match in this stadium. A transparent lake has been flowing beside this stadium. The wonderful natural view of the lake and the orderly artificial surrounding of the stadium just amuse all the viewers. There will be played 4 matches totally in this stadium and those are on 16th June Croatia against Nigeria, 22nd June Serbia against Switzerland, 25th June Spain against Morocco, and 28th June England against Belgium.

After getting ins and outs of all these venues you are obviously so much excited to enjoy the matches in those stadiums. But alas! We can do nothing but wait until 14th June, only a few months, is not that?


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