Tuesday, May 29, 2018


The craze of World Cup is being on the top. Just after a few days the largest football tournament, World Cup is going to be held. The 21st World Cup, 2018 will be played in a total of 12 stadiums located in 11 different cities of Russia in this year. Most of the stadium was built newly targeting the upcoming World Cup. World Cup football means the magical show from the Argentina football team since the great magician of football of the world, Messi plays in this team.
After the first match, you will be waiting for the second match. Argentina will play their second match against Croatia. Croatia is a much tough team and plays the rhythmic game so it is not going to be an easy match for Argentina to beat Croatia easily. Though in the first match Argentina got Iceland as an easy opponent, in the second match they are going to face the real test. They will get the chance to judge their strength, weakness and other planning in this match. If they become the winner against Iceland then they can play against Croatia with less tension. And if they also win the second match they will go to the round 16. As well as the first match we are also going to broadcast the second live match of Argentina and you will be able to watch live on our server. 

Argentina vs. Croatia match will be played in the newly built stadium, Nizhny Novgorod which was built targeting the World Cup. Let us see if Argentina can trace a win in their new stadium.

The second match of Argentina in this World Cup is going to be started on 21st June. The match will be held at 7:00 p.m. according to the Greenwich Mean Time. Many face trouble regarding Greenwich Time setting. Just adjust your local time to the Greenwich Mean Time beforehand and keep yourself free of time hampering during the world cup.

Neither the Argentina team nor the Croatian team has announced their playing eleven yet. The squad will be announced on the day of the match. Just after knowing about the squad we will update all here and you will get to know about the name list of all the players of both teams.

Argentina has played against Croatia for four times so far in the world cup tournament. Argentina has won 2 times and Croatia has won once and there was a draw. Since the statistics show that Argentina won more times so the fans can be optimistic about another win for their favorite team.

We have taken steps to broadcast the live Argentina-Croatia match for all the Argentine fans. You have the full chance to watch the match with HD quality video streaming without any hamper. We will make it live at the right time of the match in this World Cup. You just need to click on the video icon for enjoying the exciting match.
The wait is a little long to come 21st June and start the game. There is nothing alternative but wait until 21st June. Hope Argentina will win this match and make all the fans smile. And we all are expecting that it will also be a good match to enjoy. Till then stay well and stay tuned.
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